Oh hey! I'm Sophie, a 20 year old from the trusty Midland city - Birmingham. (It is actually quite a nice place to live, despite what people may think!)

Behind The Score originated as place for me to escape, to write little rambles about music, and events that I'd been too. It progressed as an attempt to show my friends what I was wearing, and then became this little world for me to express everything that my crazy little brain wanted to.

I have always loved to write ever since a was the little girl who could sit on her own hair. (I was never taken to the hairdressers!)
I still want to write down my thoughts whilst I study my Events Management degree,  as my obsession over style, beauty and travels continues to grow.

My goal is to explore the world one day and film it along the way. (I'm a secret poet too)

I hope you enjoy my blog and it inspires you in one way or another.

SB x

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