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It's been months since my last post. And even longer since this event.

But I wanted to share with you all, my experience from when I went to Swedish House Mafia's final UK show at Milton Keynes Bowl

Swedes host largest headline DJ show in the world
 Saturday 14th July 2012.

You would think cramming 60,000 people into, what can only be described as a crater situated in the centre of Milton Keynes would cause chaos? This certainly wasn’t the case when the sensational stars – Swedish House Mafia rocked up to the bowl with a line-up of dance acts, who have supported their journey from inception, to stage a farewell extravaganza.

The trio joined forces back in 2004 after touring together as DJ’s to showcase their ability as a union. It was unknown at this juncture, that their careers would transform progressively and that three guys from Sweden would be acknowledged worldwide, under their alias, as the ‘faces of progressive house music’. From dingy clubs to headlining major festivals, escalating album charts and selling out arenas – or bowls, in this case. It is clear that, the power of evolution is key.
Milton Keynes Bowl has seen the likes of ACDC to Jay-Z. So it was certainly prepared to host a record breaking 9 hour gig in the middle of July. 

The sun was beaming, the gates had opened and fans started flooding in by the thousands, for what was billed as ‘the largest headline DJ show in the world’. They all shared one aim. That was to give Axwell, Sebestian Ingrosso and Steve Angello the best send off – to embrace the music and reminisce about the past 8 years whilst being blinded by various strobes and lasers.

Example was the first act that many punters got to see, because it took about 45 minutes to actually catch a glimpse of the bowl itself from the gate, as they contiguously ascended through the long process of ‘passport control’. Many missed NO_ID –who obviously didn’t have any issues getting themselves in. Example, aka Elliot Gleave is known for his ecstatic energy which he throws onto the crowd. He was the only act to be accompanied by a live band.  The atmosphere this created was thrilling as he got a spectrum of individuals all bouncing and singing in unison like football maniacs, chanting ‘HERE WE F**CKING GO’, setting the crowd up for a day they would never forget.

More famous faces were welcomed to the stage; Madeon – 17 year old producer from France stunned the crowd with his exceptional skills.  Alesso, gave them a taste of the final set list that they were patiently waiting for, as he played his track with Ingrosso – ‘Calling’ and chart topping Calvin Harris, who has seen majority of the population of the UK in the past month due to consistent touring, joined them to woo the fans, pump their souls and make them realise why they are actually here - their love of music. By the time the penultimate act – Pete Tong – was on. The bowl had transformed into a mud bath of drunken bodies all connected together by passion. The crowd was a panorama who had already danced their feet to blisters, sang their throats dry and warmed their hearts up. But without a doubt, they were ready.

Darkness had descended; a curtain had dropped to reveal a 20 ft high video screen. Pyrotechnics had kicked in and ‘Greyhound’ was introduced as the screen split through the middle to reveal the 3 DJ’s, who had waited months for this particular moment.  The two hour set had begun, and they blazed through their top tunes such as; ‘One’ and ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’.  As the threesome went through their discography, they thanked everyone numerous times for attending and sharing an exceptional day with them.  “Real friends are people that help you home from the club, when you’re too drunk. Real friends are people that help you move house. Real friends will drive 10 hours, sleep in a van or tent, to come and party with you, even though it’s F**CKING raining! That’s what you are. Real friends”.

The climax of the night had to be stated when their collaboration with Knife Party – ‘Antidote’ got dropped. The grungy beat combined with intense visuals and extreme pyros is what made the performance, with confetti cannons shooting off in all directions. Also, when played their new single ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ – which was written about the night itself, brought everyone that little bit closer.  A 2 hour set definitely wasn’t enough for the fans. They could have carried on partying throughout the night, as they did not want to see the Swedes disappear through the surge of CO2 cannons.

 They ended off with their classic, ‘Save the World’. This marked a moment where everyone sealed their bond and became officially united. They didn’t care whether the person dancing next to them ran over the neighbour’s cat, or whether they were worst enemies at school. They cared about that moment.  Emotions were flying, just like the bottles of piss. No-one cared. Everyone was in awe, from the bar staff to security. From merch sellers to litter patrol. They were mesmerised by what they had just been a part of.  Swedish House Mafia had just performed in the UK for the last time.

Following the drastic news that Swedish House Mafia will never grace decks in England again, Axwell personally announced on June 24th “Today we want to share with you, that the tour we are about to go on will be our last. We want to thank every single one of you that came with us on this journey. We came. We raved. We loved”.

Although it may be the last time we see them as a joint in the UK. It certainly won’t be the last time we hear of them as individuals. But for now, as they embark on their final tour – ironically called ‘One Last Tour’, they give a list of other countries round the world the chance to experience the euphoria and relive the indescribable, which happened in Milton Keynes that night.

Swedish House Mafia’s new album ‘Until Now’ forms the official soundtrack to the tour, and is out now in all leading music stores.

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