Monday, 13 January 2014


First of all,  Happy New Year to everyone!

I haven't had a lot of time to myself since the new year started. However tonight, I decided to just sit down and listen to Radio 1. And I'm extremely glad I did.

Zane Lowe played a track on his show by South-East Londoner Rainy Milo
I became mesmerized with her vocals in 'Bout You', so hit to SoundCloud immediately, to find it and share with you all. 

I would highly advise you to listen to all of her songs on there, as I just have. 
When discovering new artists, I never normally enjoy all of their songs, like many of these top shots who always have that one crap song on the end of their album. 
But luckily in this case, they are all stunning, if that's even a way to describe songs. 
Milo's voice is so mature for her age, at only 18.

With talent and music like hers, I expect big things for Rainy Milo in the future. 
Stay Tuned...

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