Monday, 10 November 2014


I am currently very content with my life, for the first time in a very long while. 

I feel like I've learnt so much in the past couple of months. 
About life and myself
Where I want to go, and who I want to be.

University has taught me how to grow up. 
I already knew how to cook, wash and clean before I got there, so I wasn't completely clueless. However I was very much dependable on my mom for getting things done. 
Starting a fresh new journey on your own can be extremely terrifying, but luckily, I had a lovely bunch of flat mates to feel lost together with. 

I've always loved the feeling of independence and being able to make all my own decisions, which is what I can now do - although I will forever always turn to my mom for her great words of wisdom, but then again who doesn't?

I've just started an incredible journey for the next 4 years. 
They say uni days are the best days. And I really hope so, because this is this start of something new *breaks into song*.
I am studying something which I have a great passion in. Something that I've always want to do and be involved in. Something that has influenced me a great deal in life. I can't wait to continue into this career and explore the world doing so.
(I will do a separate post of university as a whole soon.)

I have goals and ambitions.
 They will never get handed to me on a plate. I have to work extremely hard for them. And as crazy as it seems, I can't wait to do so! I can't wait to achieve my aspirations, knowing i've worked my little butt off to get there. When I receive my first proper payslip, I can say 'I did that all by myself'. I can't wait to buy myself that designer bag I've always wanted - so I can say 'I worked damn hard for that'.

But one main thing I have learnt is:
 We are the creators of our own happiness

You choose the people who you want in your life, the people who bring out the best in you. Those who you can count on and be there for, through thick and thin.

I currently feel so much love around me, I couldn't be happier right now in time. 

And I thank those for staying in my life, and coming into it unexpected :)

SB x 

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