Monday, 24 November 2014

We're not in Kansas anymore...

I went home for the weekend back to Birmingham, and got up to a lot of festive fun.


I mainly spent the week, catching up with my family and friends. I had such a lovely time, and it was just what I needed to finally get into the festive spirit. Over the past few months, I have slowly been sorting out everyones christmas presents, as I'm a bit of an organised freak! 

So on the one evening I got to myself, I decided to light a few candles (Christmas scented o'course!), stick on one of my favourite classics and wrap away!

The Christmas Rum Punch candle was definitely my favourite! But its nearly all gone now because of how many times I have used it! If I remember correctly its from Aldi, so I will definitely be making a trip there soon, to buy some more! 

After an evening of successful wrapping. I have nothing to do now in terms of buying presents - which I am slightly gutted about because I keep on seeing wonderful things in the shops, and being so tempted. I wish I could treat my loved ones to them all, but unfortunately the student budget just does not cut it.

* Spoiler alert for whoever this is for * 

I have become candle obsessed! Especially ones that are christmas related! 

Whilst working at Grand Designs Live, I strolled into the interiors section on one of my breaks. To my surprise and complete joy, I found the Yankee Candle stand. Of course I had to have a little mooch around. Unfortunately, I only had enough money for some lunch and journey home, so I couldn't stretch out to the beautiful Christmas limited edition gift sets, but instead I bought 9 mini candles for £11 I think it was. They had like dispensers of each scent from the wide range you could pick from. I literally picked each one up and smelt it probably about two or three times. The man on the stand must of thought I was mad! 

So I went for a few christmas scents as presents- they smell absolutely divine, then classics ones for myself like Clean Cotton

To end my week at home, I went for a girly bonding shopping session with my mom and sister, and ended it with a festive Starbucks drink - which I have never actually had before. Shock horror I know! I had the Almond and Honey Hot Chocolate, and I think Elena had a latte of some sort. We had gold sprinkles on our drinks also! I asked the man behind the till as to why this was and he replied "Selfridges are the only store that does it in the country, we make it more special". 

It was lovely to have some home comforts and spend some time with some of my favourite people. It really set me up for the festive period. I hope you are all starting to feel christmassy too and it's not just me! 

SB x 

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