Friday, 27 March 2015

23rd March

There are some days when I don't feel like writing anything, and some when I could write pages.

Today is the latter.

It is amazing what a bit of fresh air can do for you.

Last week I was really stressed with deadlines, and a thousand and one other things that I needed to do or that was going on in my head or around me.

If there is anything that I want you to take away from this post, is that:

'taking some time out for YOU is very important!'

I came back to Leeds last night with a negative mindset and didn't feel like doing anything today. University can be amazing and give you some of the best memories, but sometimes it can be a bit tough. 

I had an interview today, and I was slowly talking myself of not going, staying in bed with my head under the covers. I managed to snap myself out of it, get ready and leave my flat! Thank god I did! 

Whilst waiting to be seen, I got chatting to two lovely girls - who both ended up living not too far from me back at home. What a small world ay! We laughed and shared stories which kind of secretly all helped us with our nerves. I got called up and wished them well. 

I had nothing to worry about at all. It was a quick informal chat and I was out of there. So fingers crossed it all went well. I felt quite positive after that one.

On a high note, I thought I would take a wander into town for a little mooch round the shops. By this time my battery on my phone had run out, so I had nothing else to distract me. 
Taking some real time out for myself was just what I needed. And maybe a little bit of retail therapy also ;) 

Some bargains from Primark and a green tea later, I am now sat back at home feeling so much more happy and positive. 
I think the weather really helps me too. Even on a windy day, the presence of the sun and fresh air does absolute wonders for me.

I feel inspired and motivated for what feels like no real reason at all. But I'm in a great mood and thats all that matters. So even if its just going for a walk, sitting in the garden with a book or taking a trip to the shops to spend spend spend. Having 'me time' is a neccessity.

SB x 

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